About Us

Araqev creates software solutions for closed-loop, smart control in additive manufacturing and 3D printing based on machine learning (ML). Araqev’s patented ML algorithms enable users to learn in fractions of a second how to print more accurately across new shapes and processes, resulting in less wasted scrap and less machining time.

Araqev demonstrated, in over a dozen case studies across four different 3D printers, how it can consistently achieve high-quality prints in only 1 to 2 design iterations, resulting in the potential savings of thousands of dollars per user per week.

The Team


Arman Sabbaghi, PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President

Dr. Sabbaghi has over a decade of extensive experience in 3D printing. He received his PhD in Statistics from Harvard University. He is also an Associate Professor of Statistics and Associate Director of the Statistical Consulting Service at Purdue University, and a Visiting Scholar of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Raquel Ferreira, PhD

Co-Founder, Lead Research Scientist

Dr. Raquel Ferreira created the patented ML algorithms behind Araqev’s software. She is a Data Scientist at Intel. Dr. Ferreira received her PhD in Statistics from Purdue University and worked on 3D printing for over 6 years.


Kevin Amstutz

Co-Founder, Lead Software Engineer

Kevin Amstutz created the beta version of the API behind Araqev’s software. Kevin is a Senior Data Scientist at Purdue University. He received his Master’s in Computer Science and Statistics from Purdue University and has created APIs for over 5 years.